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  • Stace's Project SL2REDLINE

    OK I got the plenum done and now I just need to paint it, fit the IC pipes and make a intake. I got everything I need for installation. Header and fuel set-up should go on this week, I will prolly fit the IC on too.
    THe pulley I have now is 5" and will only give me like 5psi. Still need to find a 3.8" pulley off a grandprix to make some big boost

    ceramic painted stock header,
    8:1 fmu
    33# injectors from a dodge turbo
    Volvo Intercooler and BOV
    Aluminum pipage

    hopefully I will be able to blow it u...I mean boost it before the winter!

    Here is the blower installed in the car, The stock rad fan fits , but wont clear the intercooler pipes. AND no it wont clear the hood, I will have to cut a hole in the hood [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif[/img]

    here is the hole I cut in the hood, I think the blower sticking out looks gay, but I suck at bodywork, and that might end up being it. With some cleaning up.
    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.

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