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Sean's 2004 ionRL

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  • Sean's 2004 ionRL

    ok guys just picked the new car up today, got it on an auto loan for $4600
    its got 46,000 miles on it right now. pretty clean and in relaitvely in good shape, well worth the money IMO

    so future mods include:
    lowering springs
    smoked tails
    projector headlight retrofit
    05+ fog light kit
    stage 2 sc kit
    sound system
    new i/c pump

    will update as things get done.

    sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
    04 Ion Redline

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    Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

    Very nice.
    '97 SC1m: Rebuilt and wrecked
    '95 SL2m: Engine swapped and sold
    '96 SW2a: Cleaned up and sold
    '98 SC2m: Replaced EVERYTHING and sold
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    '96 SL2m: Daily driver mobile
    '05 IonQCm: GF's car

    '95 SW2m
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      Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

      Very nice! I like how its the same color as the SL2

      PM me if you need clean, rust-free parts


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        Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

        so today i got some of the stereo system done. got the sub and amp installed, now i just need a conversion kit to run an aux input for ipod,

        sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
        04 Ion Redline


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          Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

          nice, i think if i had one i'd end up modding the hell out of it haha.
          98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
          94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
          94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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            Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

            yeah, slowly but surely, like i told one of the rl guys that lives close, maintenance before modifying, which is going well,
            checklist of whats been done/ whats being done

            oil change with 5w30 castrol edge* 6.5qts,
            cleaned the aem dryflow
            cleaned the tb
            changed the plugs (which actually made a significant difference)
            found out that i need a new i/c pmup, damn
            replaced a few vacuum/boost hoses
            installed a sub
            got the keyless entry working again
            added my black badges to the sides since there werent any when i got the car

            need to do:
            rebuild the i/c pump or buy a new one
            install new fuel filter
            replace the shitty aftermarket shift knob, maybe just get a sts?

            sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
            04 Ion Redline


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              Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

              has it been hit before?

              thats really the only reason i can see the ds emblem missing unless u took it off to paint.

              its nice though, i approve of ur upgrade
              Black 2006 Cobalt SS/SC
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                Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

                oh why thank you, and no never been hit, someone striped the stock ones off, probably some stupid kids, there are a couple scratches around the area and the back peices were still stuck inside the holes, so i popped out the broken peices and put some new badges in.
                sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
                04 Ion Redline


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                  Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

                  B&Ms can be found used possibly, Hurst still makes the shifters, but are always low in stock. TWM has a really good shifter out. Unfortunately just changing the shifter knob isn't very clean since you have the reverse lockout.

                  Also look around for the pump its produced by Bosch and was used in Ford Cobras and Lightnings, I found one on eBay for around $100 shipped before.


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                    Re: Sean's 2004 ionRL

                    ok wow time for an update, got the i/c pump replaced, yay and did the lowering springs and just finished up the projector retrofit thiss weekend. mmmm pictars!!!


                    oh and im very pleased with the quality of the mini h1 projectors.

                    few shots from tonight.

                    mmmm color flicker!!!

                    taken later

                    and fow the lowers

                    sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
                    04 Ion Redline


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                      Damn its been too long since I've updated. I wil post some pics and story up later tonight.
                      sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
                      04 Ion Redline


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                        What springs are you running and how well do they ride?
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                          Originally posted by saturntech95 View Post
                          What springs are you running and how well do they ride?
                          If youre looking for springs....the RL guys seem to love the progress and B&G springs. I personally had sprints on the RL and it rode good and looked good IMO.
                          Chris Sneesby
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                            i am running tiens, i love them they ride better than stock imo and are barely stiffer. the progress springs are really nice if you can even find a set. B&G leaves you with a saggy ass
                            sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
                            04 Ion Redline


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                              Ok so i am updating now finally! its been a while alot has happened. including being rear ended...

                              then i got her back about a month and a week later. a few changes were made: i went wingless and also got the LED tails.

                              what i have done recently.

                              Added a column Boost guage

                              Did the ZZP dualpass endplate

                              got a TTR poly front tranny insert
                              TMW short throw shifter,

                              Didnt like the raw knob so i got it powdercoated

                              OE ion redline floor mats

                              powder coated intake tube candy purple*

                              powdercoated wheels *kingsport grey*

                              Things in the near future:
                              OE fog lights install (just need the projectors)
                              3" catted DP
                              2.5" OTA pipe
                              Stage 2-3
                              Last edited by sl2_dude4; 03-12-2011, 01:09 AM.
                              sigpicSean. RIP 94 SL2
                              04 Ion Redline


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