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2nd attempt go fast sc2

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  • 2nd attempt go fast sc2

    built my red 95sc2 with dished 91 pistons, and stock everything else, all new everything, then boosted it with log mani, k26 turbo, audi wastegate, FMIC, 2.5" downpipe/exhaust, 2.5" intercooler piping... etc... drove it for about 500 miles, with no tune thinking i was on 6lbs, put a gauge on it finally and found out i was running 14lbs... fast but fail, cracked head makes me sad... anyway... the 95 will now be a parts car for my new project that i just picked up yesterday for $500 cash money

    here are the pics thus far:

    reason it was only $500

    lady was askin 700 for the car, i got it for $500, told me it had 168000 miles on it, motor was blown/seized up, but the shell and everything was clean, so i get up there and battery is dead, so i hook cables up to it, and turn key on to check windows/locks/sunroof/mirrors etc... everything except the sunroof works flawlessly... then just for fun, i tried to start it, and it completely rotated no problem, so it's no seized up, look down at mileage and it has 116800 miles on it, like 50000 less than what she said and top end, AC, and all other components are still good including windage tray and oil pan etc

    plans for the car:

    picking up 98 sw2 5sp with 98k for $400 tomorrow (no title) runs/drives/cold AC/complete car, and pulling motor/tranny out and swapping it in so i can use the 02 sc2 as my DD, while i build everything else for it...

    <things that i have
    <things that are pending (pm me is you have for sale)
    <things im looking for (pm me is you have for sale)

    numbers are estimated cost of new

    crower rods <700
    JE piostons 8.5:1<600
    balanced 3G crank to 9k<200
    cleavite power bearings<100
    ARP head studs<100
    new water pump<40
    new oil pump<20
    3g windsage tray/hardware/pickup tube/oil pan (tapped of course)<100
    5bolt SDA styage 2 FI head <1100
    trying to find cams<
    custom intake manifold<
    some larger GM throttle body<

    turbo kit:
    AC saver tubular<250
    2.5" downpipe (38mm wastegate)<
    HKS ssqv BOV<
    turbo (garret 50 trim) <250
    precision FMIC 28x7x3.5<300
    2.5" hot/cold side piping<
    2.5" exhaust<

    kyb gr2's<
    probably sprint springs (would love AMR's but springs are way cheaper)<
    18" focal f7's with continental run falts<1200
    rear disc from the 95sc2 with drilled/slotted rotors<200(car was stolen)
    drilled/slotted up front<

    misc under the hood:
    AMR radiator<300
    two 12" slim fans<50
    00+mp2 with welded diff (until i can afford a quaife... if ever)<
    pimped dog's, tranny, and groundpounder TAM<<<
    AMR front strut bar (maybe rear as well, but prolly not)<
    fidanza flywheel<
    ACT sprung clutch<
    walbro 255 fuel pump<
    full wet nitrous kit 50-75 shot<500

    Optima red top<150
    HID kit(highs, lows,fogs)<<<
    AEM uego<200
    greddy turbo timer<50
    greddy profec b spec II<400
    glowshift digital tach w/ shiftlight <50
    MSI <
    black leather interior/black carpet/black panels<process of dying now
    short shifter<
    kenwood double din nav/radio<
    front: kenwood 6.5" components, rear: kenwood 3-way coaxial, kenwood 12" sub, kenwood 1000watt class D amp <<<<

    plans are to build a clean, tastefully modded, 300+whp saturn DD with AC and power steering
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    Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

    holy shit, that's a great pickup for only $500! I wish I woulda been that lucky with my wagon.

    rear strut bar is useless on that car, I wouldn't bother. Looks like a great build.
    98 SL2m - Intake, Raceland coilovers, daily driver
    94 SW2a>m - slammed and boosted 9 PSI - inspired. Now owned by Importsdontlikeme.
    94 SC2m - Build in progress, Ford EDIS, 720cc's, stock engine, MS2v3.57 7 on the road again


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      Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

      im also trying to do this for $7000 or less total with cost of the car and everything... so far, with car, i've spent about 1600 for everything i have i got a lot of really really good deals... >$5400 to go


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        Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

        aug 7 update

        silver DD, black project, gold donor... today, black project will have motor/tranny ripped out, gold wagon will have motor/tranny ripped out and hopefully put in black one


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          Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

          pictures from the day of swapping...


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            Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

            Nice... Once I get the 98 running Ill have to come down and hang with ya again...
            2012 Chevy Sonic LT Hatchback - 1.4T 6M - Trifecta tune and other stuff
            1996 S10 Blazer - 350/700R4 - Knocking on the door of 400HP
            1998 Yamaha V-Star


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              Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

              Gotta love an eventful day. Looks like you got a lot done. Nice score too.
              - Nate

              2001 SL2m - Just about everything BUT the boost. High comp./N20 motor on the way.
              2000 SW2a - Newest member to the fold. .04 factory overbore.
              1998 Chevrolet 1500 Heavy 1/2 Ton. - Overweight, underpowered, bored .04


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                Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                yea, long day for sure... 2 motor pulls, one motor install, and wire it up with correct sensors, clips etc... next weekend i tackle interior... dying seats black, swapping black carpet in, painting all interior panels black (properly), swede headliner/door panels, and possible rear speaker cover, and while carpet is out, i'll be running 4awg wire to trunk for battery relocation, and also RCA/remote wires from the cd player


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                  Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                  Nice score dude.

                  And if thats your lady, don't mind my saying. But she's got an awesome ass. Hahahaha.

                  Ethanol and Boost: My Anti-Drugs.

                  2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT - HNNNNGG.
                  1999 Ford Dangah Rangah XLT - Junk haulin' junker-slut.
                  1998 Saturn SC2 - Garbage. Pure, unadulterated, unapologetic, garbage.
                  Gone: 2004 POSRT4 - 372/425 @ 20psi, "Super safe tune" --- 4xx/4xx @ 26psi, "BAMF Tune"
                  Next: 1990 Supra "LOLNOJZ" - LSx, 4L80E, Megasquirt, whole lot of Ethanol, whole lot of snail...


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                    Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                    Originally posted by Donnie
                    Nice score dude.

                    And if thats your lady, don't mind my saying. But she's got an awesome ass. Hahahaha.
                    lol... she's not mine, she's the short bald looking guy's girl, and he wouldn't mind you saying that either though, we all always give her a hard time about her big ass lol


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                      Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                      Haha... what a good sport.
                      - Nate

                      2001 SL2m - Just about everything BUT the boost. High comp./N20 motor on the way.
                      2000 SW2a - Newest member to the fold. .04 factory overbore.
                      1998 Chevrolet 1500 Heavy 1/2 Ton. - Overweight, underpowered, bored .04


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                        Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                        motor/tranny are in, everything is properly wired up to the motor with NO S.E.S. LIGHT!!! i figured i would have some kind of light on due to OBD I in a OBD II car, but apparently im a genius!!! if u have any questions about what i had to change/fix to get the motor/wiring to work, just shoot me a pm... everything is fully put together on the car, AC is good!!! it looks so GAY right now being that it's fully stock looking, seriously, the motor swap looks OEM and i hate it, can't wait for my DD to sell as this is now my DD while i build my other motor, and piece together turbo kit

                        will take some more pics later this week as i rip out interior, wire system/battery relocation, swap carpet, dye seats, paint panels, swede headliner/door panels


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                          Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                          little update...

                          made conversion harness for 1st gen saturn radio harness(so now i can transfer stereos from my truck to my saturn with plug and play)
                          stereo has been wired for system
                          in-dash flip screen installed
                          carpet swapped with a black carpet i had from my 97 coupe (im dying the original 02 carpet, but put the black in for the time being)

                          i should have the pics posted up tomorrow of my wiring job (done very cleanly i might add)

                          current stereo system is dual in-dash, stock speakers, kenwood KAC-8104D AMP and 1 KFC-W3012 12" sub, 4awg power wire, 200amp inline fuse, 4awg ground wire...

                          ordering kenwood KFC-P707 6.5" Components for up front, and KFC-1682IE 6.5" for the rear

                          also got my prosport gauges in water temp, oil psi, and boost, going to mount them in a triple pillar pod, and then mount my AEM wideband on my dash where stock srt4's have their boost gauge


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                            Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2

                            stereo install+ temporary carpet change...

                            the filth

                            cleanliness/running wires

                            coming together

                            custom conversion harness to old style(so i didn't have to rewire my stereo, plus now it remains plug and play with my 94 gmc truck)

                            finished product

                            also has kenwood 12, kenwood 1000watt amp, and small sealed box in trunk, didn't take pics cuz it's a mess back there right now


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                              Re: 2nd attempt go fast sc2


                              dyno day 100% stock 5bolt

                              first run 115hp/107tq

                              second run 112hp/113tq

                              final/best run 119hp/112tq

                              best dyno run on 2002 saturn sc2 with 5bolt swap... 100% stock


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