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    So I ran into a problem of not being able to fit bolts for the flange, well , into the flange. I proceeded to take some old exhaust studs and nuts and clean them up, then ground the nuts hex round to fit into the slightly bigger than 1/2" hole on the flange, then sit them in there. now I have a threaded part that centers the studs in the hole for them to go into the flange. So i did that and welded the nuts into the flange on the header side. Will probably wallow out some more nuts to do the same thing on the exhaust side but just to have the stud pass through the DP flange. Hope this makes sense. Also made my gasket - next time ill just spring for a nice copper piece. pretty much have to weld on the hanger bracket and the flange on the rear end and it'll be good to go. Kinda concerned about the 2" going into the stock piping guess i need to measure the actual dia - i heard its 2" until the resonator or near there.

    Hope you enjoy the wall of text.


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      Reviving my old thread.

      the engine previously mentioned in this thread failed. seal power pistons decided they wanted to drop their skirts. i build a "low mileage" refresher engine out of the yard. did about 50K miles on that, then a rod went out the block. measured .030" thrust clearance too.. oh well

      current build is wiseco forged flat tops, crower rods, mild cams (never identified who ground them, second hand off forums). stock head with OBX header, polished and tapered throttle body. MP3 refreshed with new seals and a Mfactory LSD. breaking in engine with stock computer, then microsquirt with a 36-1 trigger wheel.

      car is sitting on H&R race springs, with clapped out KYB struts. perfect combo IMO, i dont like overdamping. poly bushings all around, reinforced rear subframe by swaybar bushings and reinforced swaybar brackets. Hein rear wheel spacers 1/2". 19 mm rear bar. adjustable lateral links. battery sits in the trunk.

      god i cant wait to drive this car again!


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        You have any pictures of the cam lobe with a side profile? I can tell you just by looking at it if they are my old cams.
        -6S Resident Mechanical Forensics member #001.
        1995 SC2 Turbo 3.6L DOHC, 6sp manual, Ford 8.8 rearend running on MS3x.
        1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


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          i dont . i measured the lift once but it wasnt much more than stock. that being said i had no way of measuring duration


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            Running and driving now. once i build my garage microsquirt goes back in.

            Mfactory LSD is the bomb! fully hektic on 600 TW tires (squeals of fortune)


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              finally ran the microsquirt wiring, mounted the box itself, fusebox, relays, and the hall sensor. goin to be nice and tidy this time.
              garage is still in the works but this didnt cost me anything to do, so i worked on this.


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                I just fired off the engine with a microsquirt V2.0


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                  Awaiting the IAC adapter box, welded in O2 sensor bung, installed the wideband and mounted on the dash. also welded in a final version of the bracket for the crank sensor. worked on accel enrichment.

                  to do:
                  install IAC adapter and wire it up.
                  add second CTS so i can have the gauge back-
                  tune more


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