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No power to pink wire on ICM 94 S series wagon

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  • No power to pink wire on ICM 94 S series wagon

    First off sorry this is my first time posting on a forum. So I bought this 94 S series (dirt track racecar) and it was driven into the garage where it sat for 3 years, So I got it home and started cleaning things up and tried starting it and it has no spark on the coil towers. I checked the pink wire for the 12volts and has nothing, I checked all fuses and they are good. Just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on where to start?

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    I'd start with the 30A fuses under the hood. Also check the main relay by the passenger's feet make sure it's not stuck. Might try swapping those around. Owner
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      Yeah the 30amp fuses were good. I swapped the relay inside with one from my other Saturn and still nothing.


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