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    I was looking through the tech section and wanted to look over Sam's mp3 disassembly pics but the links dont work. Regular topic links I can just fix by adding forum. in front. Is there a similar trick for pictures? Is the 6s storage still a thing?

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    Originally posted by leadfootny View Post
    Is the 6s storage still a thing?
    Unfortunately no. I tried to salvage what I could from it but it was originally setup on a piece of software that hasn't been updated in almost a decade.. as a result it's not compatible with newer software. Some parts of it were lost based on that. If there is a specific post you have that needs an image please link it and I can try and see if I can manually dig through the stuff and repair the thread that way. Owner
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      Here is the post I was talking about. Anything you can do is appreciated Tony. Thanks!


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