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  • Raceland Subaru Top Hat Adapters

    Long story short, the community has done some pretty substantial homework and figured out how to make coilovers intended for '02-'07 (GD) Subaru Imprezas fit to our S series with minimal modification. That means $450-$600 for coilovers, depending on how much you want 'adjustability'.

    The main hang up is that the Subaru top hats supplied do not fit the S series. However they can be modified, or replaced with a custom top plate because the pillow balls unbolt. As a community, we got together and hashed out a design in this thread: HERE
    The other hang up is that the top knuckle hole needs to be milled or ground out about 1/4" to match the spacing of the S series. This is covered a few different places on the board and on Facebook etc, and is very easy to do.

    Now, I am pleased to announce that I am accepting orders for the Second run of Top Hat Adapter plates. This buy in will be for Front AND Rear adapters! If you only want fronts or only want rears, contact me and we will try to work something out.
    The plates are made from 3/8" 6061-T6 Aluminum
    All hardware is metric, grade 10.9 (equiv to grade , and Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance.
    (The only hardware you need are the M8 nuts your stock Saturn struts are secured into the tower with.)

    The front plate has the strut mounting position moved back to get as much Caster as possible within the stock S series strut tower opening, something these cars sorely lack. Because of this, one of the 3 main strut mounting bolts had to be a flat head (countersunk) so the pillow ball could sit over top of it. This bolt will be retained by LocTite and/or a push washer to hold it in the plate. There was a little camber gain built into the design as well, for fun. The left and right plates are identical, you just insert your fasteners form the other direction.

    Front plate assembly, what you see is what you will get, minus the Raceland pillow ball shown in blue.

    Front only-

    Rear only-

    Full F/R kit price-

    (Minimum of 5 orders required, 5 F+R, or 5 Fronts/Rears)

    Each Full kit will include:
    2x Front adapter plates
    2x Rear adapter plates
    10x M8 cap screws
    2x M8 flat head cap screws
    16x M6 flat head cap screws for mounting pillow ball to plates.
    Plate assembly instructions, with nifty CAD generated pictures!(maybe)

    Numerous people have inquired about rear set as well. They are designed, verified and available.

    To place an order, please post here and I will PM you to exchange information.
    I will begin collecting payments immediately. If you do not pay, or have arrangements made, within a week of contact, you will be removed from the list.
    I prefer PayPal, but if you absolutely can not do PayPal, we can work something out privately.

    The Round 2 List:

    1 - importsdontlikeme (F/R)PAID
    2 - Angelo C (FB, F/R)PAID
    3 - Zach G (FB, F/R) -BACKED OUT-
    4 - jhallsc2 (F/R)PAID
    5 - Cessna (F/R)PAID
    6 - dynonacht (R)PAID
    7 - magistr (F/R)PAID
    8 - alpine67 (F/R)PAID
    9 - chrwilkins30 (F/R)PAID
    10 - toka100 (F/R)
    11 - Billy R (FB, F/R)PAID
    12 - Justin S (FB, F/R)

    The List:
    1- Alex PAID
    2- anti-ricePAID
    3- anti-ricePAID
    4- Modding_outPAID
    5- PurdueGuy PAID
    6- The Cooter PAID
    7- DynonachtPAID
    8- siris the virus PAID
    9- Punkboy PAID
    10- Ildes614 PAID
    11- Doc_Saevio PAID

    Round 2 Buy in closed, 2-14-16

    Round 1 Buy in closed.

    IF you miss out, these WILL NOT be available in the Member Provided Services lobby. The price will continue to increase to cover my cost for smaller batches of machining.
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    hmmm, interested, but only for the rears as ive hacked up the fronts already. is that a 50$ option?
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      One question. Are the bolt holes on the front plates countersunk on both sides of the plate to allow the flipping of the plates?

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        Yes, the front plates have the same features top and bottom.
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          Interested but don't have the money yet, will get back to you before 5/5


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            Cross posted to SatFans, and numerous FB groups for exposure.
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              excellent work dude!!!
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                Thank you. However looks like it was all for not. Nobody has contacted me besides Alex.
                It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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                  Originally posted by ZombieSatty View Post
                  Thank you. However looks like it was all for not. Nobody has contacted me besides Alex.
                  Shocking on this forum.
                  This is great work, it's just too bad we did not go down this path years ago.
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                    I know right?
                    It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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                      That's crazy, over 15k views of the raceland thread, and only one person wants tophats?
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                        yo i'll buy some...turbo wagon is going to need a non-chopped-springs suspension upgrade... and i like the idea of racelands.
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                          Not a single interested party on Facebook either.

                          I guess 100 bucks is too rich for, um, everyone. And people bitch about no aftermarket.
                          It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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                            Well I'd buy these if I had race lands, when I do get them. Like at the end of summer you bet your ass I'll buy these


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                              Buy them now so they are ready for when you get the coils? No promises on these always being available with this kind of turn out.
                              It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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