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    A few weeks back the race car went online with MS2. I only have 1 month experience with MegaSquirt so this is probably a bit rough around the edges, but the car starts and runs relatively decent, and did about 200 miles on a road course.

    2018-02-04_16.01.02 V6F.msq

    The car runs on factory injectors with stock cams, stock throttle body, factory header, factory DIS, flat top pistons. It is not using the factory MAP still figuring out how to get the input into the box without soldering.
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    Endurance racing - Saturn style

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    No need to waste time with the map sensor. The one built into the ms works fine.
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      2018-03-05_20.59.46 V7O.msq

      Many refinements. Not perfect but better.
      Endurance racing - Saturn style


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        Why no timing advance for part throttle?


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          Here is the latest update. After the 24 hour race last year I made a lot of adjustments to VE to optimize mileage with no input from the O2 sensor. Turns out we were too rich and the mileage was down when we lost our O2 data feed.

          To address leighv - when I set up this table I was trying to emulate what an old school mechanical distributor would do. I mashed that in with what info I could gather about factory lead settings. A mechanical distributor has vacuum advance to pull the timing forward at high vacuum but that would reduce being replaced by mechanical advance. I realize this is not perfect but the car runs pretty well with this combo.

          2019-10-25_23.05.53 V8L.msq
          Endurance racing - Saturn style


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            if you are never at part throttle it wont matter. you will pick up midrange performance and reduce exhaust temperatures with part throttle advance-


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