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S-Series Motor Mounts - Optimized order of replacement

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  • S-Series Motor Mounts - Optimized order of replacement

    I just changed all four mounts on my S-Series. I came up with what I believe is an optimized order of operations. Putting this here for future reference.

    This is a broad overview. Refer the manual and the Richpin video for the relevant mount for specifics.

    Remove the upper dogbone (just under the battery).

    Remove and install the transaxle mount. (the stubby one between the transaxle and the frame)

    Install the upper dogbone.

    Remove the motor mount. Place the mount on the studs, but do not put the nuts on yet.

    Remove and install the lower dogbone. But do not tighten the bracket nuts from beneath yet.

    Put the five nuts on the motor mount and tighten.

    Tighten the lower dogbone bracket nuts from beneath.


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