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OEM Wiring Schematic Dump

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  • OEM Wiring Schematic Dump

    In this thread you will find OEM wiring Schematics. If you would like to contribute please post the schematic. The only rule is that you NEED to upload it to the sixthphere online file storage (select the public gallery not the private gallery) that way the links will always remain valid and not turn into broken links. The storage section can be found at the top of every 6s page. The button is under the "r" in "Sixthspere" in the header.

    Your schematic will be copied into the first post and your post will be deleted so that all schematics will be easy to find in the first post.
    Please do not ask wiring questions in this thread. If you have a question about wiring start a new thread and copy the link of the schematic in question into the new thread.

    91-94 PCM schematics

    95 PCM Schematics

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    Theres a bit more than the diagrams here.
    I got nothing for that


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      I couldn't find many wiring diagrams for my 2006 Ion on other forums so I googled it and was shocked to find that Auto Zone has a gazillion wiring schematics for every type of vehicle on the planet, and yep, that includes the 06 Ion! I now have 96 different diagrams uploaded to my laptop! SO, if anyone else is having trouble finding a certain wiring schematic, check out Auto Zone's Repair Guide website!


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