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Auto Transmission Gear Slam Shifting

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    You have an internal line pressure issue. This can be caused by a bad pressure control valve, bad pump, plugged fiilter....Or, what I'm thinking...when you pulled the side cover off you damaged one of the seals that goes into the input shaft drum thingy. If those seals are not damaged, then its possible that they are just worn and leaking fluid by.

    I haev noticed on the valve bodies over the last couple of years, that it is becoming more important to check the electical distribution plate that holds the solenoids. I have found loose plate to noid connections causing intermittern conditions...and couple times I have found a contact finger broken off the plate.
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      So, I caught onto this thread and it's reminding me of my wife's 2002 SL1 auto trans. I did the valve body replacement and input and output nut retorques, and it's still slamming in all gears, reverse included. When the car does shift smooth, the valve body makes all sorts of noises. It's kinda peculiar. What's my next step at this point? My wife loves this car and doesn't wanna get rid of it. And she doesn't want a 5-speed in it lol.


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