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Tech Section Rules and Basics: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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  • Tech Section Rules and Basics: READ BEFORE POSTING!


    -Absolutely no off topic Discussion, Thread Jacking, Derailing: This is a Technical section, and as it's name implies it's nature, there is absolutely no excuses for anything not pertinent to it's thread topics.

    -Absolutely no "Smart ass remarks": Dislike someone? Their car? Find them ignorant? That's swell, you have opinions. Though you are entitled to them, KEEP THEM OUT OF THE TECHNICAL SECTIONS. Express yourself in the proper sections. (WGO, DNE.)

    -No incorrect information, haphazard guess-pull-answers from your ass, etc: Self explanatory...

    -Thread Titles, Posts: Keep them simple, concise, and informational enough. "My car is running bad." = BAD. "I replaced my plug wires, now car running bad." = BETTER. "1996 SC2. Replaced Ignition components, now running poorly." = SUCCESS!

    Follow your awesomely constructive Title with a legible post describing your Car, Mods (if applicable), recent service/work performed, the exact issue and it's symptoms, and what, if anything you've already tried to remedy the situation. BE ACCURATE! ACCURATE, LEGIBLE, ACCURATE AND LEGIBLE! Which leads us to....

    -SES, CEL, DTCs, etc: If you have an SES light on, then DO NOT make a post about it, unless you have already had the codes Scanned. We (The readers of this Forum) have no idea what is wrong if you just state- "My SES light just came on. Halp!?". To further help us help you, do a little footwork yourself first by at least taking the time to have the Code/s scanned, and obtain said code numbers. The OBDII System has over THREE HUNDRED possible DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), so there is no probable way that the first ten, twenty, thirty readers will even guess your code.

    You can have your code scanned at a Dealership. Just go around back and ask a non-busy tech if they can plug into your ALDL port real quick so you can see what's up.


    Swing by Autozone, Advance, etc and if available, use their Generic OBDII Scanner. This service is FREE!

    If the above rules are broken, the offender will be DEALT with appropriately. If a thread about a Service light is started without the above mentioned DTC's, it will be DELETED.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

    *Compiled from posts by slowion2, S.Bretz and Green Monstah with additions by Donnie.
    Last edited by Donnie; 01-30-2012, 01:44 AM.

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