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Clutch or Cylinder?

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  • Clutch or Cylinder?

    K when it comes to transmissions I am a noob.

    For the past, say, 20K my clutch has been engaging (upon release) more towards the top. So, I have to let it out alot. Just recently, like, as of yesterday for some odd reason (I dont beat on the thing anymore) it grabs at the very bottom upon release. Its like I have no travel at all. This would seem like a great thing to me, except that the clutch holding power seems sluggish and take offs are slow. I took it a run from 10-90mph on the on ramp and the thing holds like a champ, but when im in first at a stop light or shifting to second, its gay as hell..

    This might help - 2001 SL2 with the self-adjusting clutch
    2001 SL2 Turbo (Retired)
    2001 SC1 (1st Gen DOHC Head Swap, Twin-intake mod)

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    sounds like you need a new clutch, might as well switch over to the first style while you are at it.


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