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Removing door panel

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  • Removing door panel

    ? I Need the write up on removing the door panels(outside). I checked on lane's page but i couldn't find it.

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    remove the panel on the inside that covers the side view mirror.

    Remove 3-10mm nuts that hold mirror on.

    Disconnect the wireing harness if yo have one.

    remove black strip between the door skin and the window ( the thing that peala and looks ugly). Some years had a screw holding this strip on at the rear side of the strip. It should be visisble from the inside out. Lifting up and "Hip" checking the door panel is the easiest way Ihave found to get this stirp off without bending it.

    Now remove the door handle. There is a push pin on the under side. Push it the center threw and then yo ushould be able to remove pin completely, and then push the handle left or right to get the handle off.

    Lastlt, remover the t35 screws around the perimeter of the door. You will do this from the inside. You might need a swivle head and 6 inche extension for the one in the front on the bottom of the door. ...If you can't get to it straight, don't try until you have and WILL strip out.
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      Here ya go! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img] ... terior.htm

      Top of the list - DIY guide with pictures. Owner
      '99 SC2 Project Car build thread


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        Thanks again guys.


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          There was one in our tech section...
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            that was interior panel only.


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