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Radiator Core Support size?

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  • Radiator Core Support size?

    Did the radiator core support and the supports going back to the firewall that it's spot welded to stay the same size across models (SL/SW/SC) as well as years?

    I've got a 97 SC2 with front/front-side damage, and it needs both the radiator core support, and a good amount of the side support (don't know the name), so I was wondering if I can just cut (torch) it off a junkyard/parts s-series and weld it onto the SC2?

    I just really can't afford to bring it to a body shop since it's a project car.. and they might do the same thing.
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    not too great of an idea chopping the unibody up. there are places that can pull it out depending on the severity. my dad spent $350 to have his straighten.

    but if you do cut and weld, then gusset it or something extra!!!!
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