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  • Welding

    How do you guys hold your pieces in place while welding? I've tried vicegrips and clamps, but the metal always seems to slip just a little.
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    vice grips and a few tacks to hold the material where i want it to stay
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      Welding magnets, vice grips, and c clamps
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        a vice, vice grips and or C clamps... if it is a lot of welding or really really high heat/power, find a way to lock the peice in place (series of 2x4's and c clamps) to try and keep it from warping; depending on what it is and if you do not have a welding bench... which should be every welder's first project :-D

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          I use C-clams and vice grips and a shitty old machine square. Anything that I can chuck up in a vice, I do. I always make sure to tack opposing sides of a piece really quick to keep it from pulling apart as the tack cools. Then just be sure to do short sections at a time and move around so the heat's not too concentrated and warping can be kept to a minimum.
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            I just hold it with my hand and put 3-5 good tacks to hold it...then I can move it all I want, or even break the tacks off and start over.

            It you are doing pipeing and have it out on the bench, some time a V shaped piece of steel works great...and you can leave the ground on the v shaped deal...or a large 90 bend. It doesn't matter. when you set the two peice in the groove, they are on the same plane, so you just slide them together.
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