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Head compliance issues

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  • Head compliance issues

    The head on my '93 was dieing so i bought a head from a '99. Its the redesigned one(twin cam). I wanted to know what i need to swap them. I figured the intake manifold and recently found out the cam cover from my 97 doesn't fit. What else do i need?

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    timing chain assembly, timing chain cover, cams (unless they're in the head already, you didn't say), exhaust manifold side is also 9 bolt with smaller ports than you had before, and I want to say you might have fitment issues with the injectors but I'm not positive.


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      you should be able to use your IM, TB, fuel rail and injectors.

      EGR = block it off and wait for the code to set, there's nothing you can do

      I THINK you'll need a new power steering pump bracket

      you WILL need a new ac compressor bracket(if you have ac)

      timing cover, and assembly like Vin said, as well as cams.
      also gonna need the exhaust manifold 99+ style.

      add to that a new belt and tensioner

      Going to have to drill the head and tap for your coolant gauge sensor.
      That should be about it, I'd swap over all the sensors too cause im sure some of the connectors changed between the years.

      and you'll need the 99+ DOHC valve cover


      • #4'd be better off with a 98 head....but, what's done is done, I suppose. I did a headswap this summer and it was a total pain in the ass, even with engine out of car. So many stupid random parts to find.
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          Try going from tbi to dohc.


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            It came with the cams. It looks like I have alot of work ahead of me. I'll see if I can get some of this stuff off ebay. Thanks.


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              It would probably still be cheaper to get the another head.
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                Originally posted by S.Bretz
                It would probably still be cheaper to get the another head.
                Sell that one and get a 93-98 one. Waayyy easier.
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                  I think i might just do that... Its too much of a hassle to use this one.


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