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    I didn't know where to post this. Every time I start to go somewhere my tires sound and feel flat. I thought my gauge was wrong but I checked it yesterday and I am fine at 36PSI. I have Fuzion ZR's and I think they are made for summer only but it is one of my weeker subjects. this all started since the weather here got below 32degrees, Any thoughts?

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    AnyONE? I really don't have a clue on this.


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      don't drive summer tires in winter?
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        fUZION ZR's! Forget it, I'm changing to factory wheels today.


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          they probally are so cold, arent summer tires made of a different soft compounds vs what winter soft compound is? does it feel like your driving on hard blocks, or something?

          i tried running my 711s in the winter lol forget that i wasnt even on the road for 5 mins before i ditched it... in light snow.

          its probally cause your suspension is cold as well so it would feel clunky.
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            yes it felt like rocks. I switched to my factory wheels with k732's and it felt fine. I did however noticed my tires are shredded. I changed my struts 2-3 weeks ago and now they are destroyed. The guy at the shop said both my Camber and Toe-in is WAY off. I will be looking for an alignment sshop that has a lift capable of working on lowerd cars. I just realized the Saturn dealership that did my alignment before lowering my car didn't account for the 5mm spacer on the rear, could that cause a toe-in issue?


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