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Big brakes/ master cylinder revisited

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  • Big brakes/ master cylinder revisited

    OK not to drag up an old post. But I have an up date. I found a master cylinder in a junk yard off of a mid 90's GM FWD midsized car. The lot was full of them. Took it home and pulled it apart and cleaned it out. It has the same casting markings as the stock Saturn and is a direct bolt up. Now I'm talking about the 4 port one not the 2 port MC. The only differance is the reservor. It is much bigger but the Saturn reservor is a direct fit. Even with the bigger reservor you still have plenty of room. I used the bigger one. The piston is noteably bigger. So put it on the car and bleed the brakes. Looked good up front left rear was l alittle dark and the right rear was brown mud. I will have to rebleed the brakes when I get more fluid. Plus I will need to do a brake job some time soon.
    But with that said I took it for a test drive. Under normal braking the pedal felt a little better. I was able to lock up all 4 wheels with a simulated "panic" stop at about 30 mph. Its not an earth shatering improvement but it is an improvement. So there you go.

    Collecting parts soon bitches soon........

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    sweet. Tyrone was supposed to take care of his. But I dunno if he got around to it or not. I guess we'll be messing with it tomorrow though.


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