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  • bad head ?

    OK I biult an engine from :

    95 sohc block and a 95 dohc head.

    I polished the valves and combustin chamber on the head.

    The head and head gasket was from the 95 dohc motor that I spun the bearing..
    I bought the head gasket new then, and it was still in great shape and I reused it.

    OK, I wont do tha again, but..

    I ran the car and after about 3 minutes it was missing and running like crap.
    We tooked the plugs out and there was puddles of coolent in ALL the chambers!

    Can a used head gasket be soo bad when its reused that it leaks in all cylinders? (Ive reused head gaskets many times before in other cars and never had a problem.)

    Or for some reason did the head become warped from the spun bearing or mabye removed the rong way or something?
    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.

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    sounds like the head gasket. The reason you dont reuse head gaskets is because they smush inbetween when you torque down the head. If its moved or anything then it wont seal anymore. Get the fel-pro gasket from advance auto or something. $35 at most.


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      NEVER REUSE A HEAD GASKET OR THE BOLTS. some copper head gasket can be reused, but for the most part they will compress. you probably reused the head bolts then too??????? if so they are probably stretched. why do such a thing when the replacements cost like $50 for gasket and bolts?

      because it looks good, doesnt mean it can be reused.
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        yes used head gasket = bad joojoo, they squish and no longer perform as a head gasket
        Fucking Pringle bastards.


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          did you check the head w/ a straightedge?
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            DUDE, im sorry but not to be too harsh .. first things first, YOUR A DUMB ASS FOR REUSING THE HEADGASKET. What ever shade tree you learned how to build engines under needs to be chopped down... and burned

            these guys are being very nice, my inital reaction after reading your first post was insaine laughter (at your confident ignorance)

            ok enough of that...

            yea a USED headgasket "WILL NOT" seal... Hense lots of coolant in all the cylinders!!!
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              sorry have to agree
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                Originally posted by sl2racer
                sorry have to agree
                plus one, dont be cheap buy new gaskets. better to have new then used.


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                  I don't know if Stace is a dude.

                  Anyways, I'm sure they got the point.
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                    Ya, I asked for that...and ya, I didnt intend on driving around with a used gasket.
                    I have been fixing cars under shadetree's since I was 14...16 years ago. I know a used head gasket = bad things..

                    I have succsecfully turboed 2 engines and then spun bearings in both..

                    I just bought this block cheap and thru it together to see if it would run.

                    If the engine ran well, which it did, then a rebiuld was in order..
                    NOt a really expensive rebiuld, new bearings, rings.mabye fordges rods at most. And of course a high quality gasket set.

                    If it didnt run, I was thru with saturns, and was going to move on with a toyota or something.

                    I figured it would leak a bit, but not enough to fill the chamber. Thats why I asked if a bad head gasket could fill it.....If you guys said a head gasket would not leak that bad and it was definately a bad head, then I wasnt gonna worrie about putting so much effort into this engine.
                    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.


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                      Originally posted by saturnspeed_12
                      compress. you probably reused the head bolts then too???????
                      Many people reuse the headbolts. I have never had a problem with them. One can always measure how long they are to see if they are within tolerance of the suggested length.
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                        within limits would be the length it is new. reusing head bolts is a big no no too. they are torque to yield bolts. when torqued to spec, they stretch. plain and simple, thats how they are made. because of aluminum expanding at a different rate then old cast iron, we need these bolts to retain same clamp load even with aluminum expanding and moving.
                        Ian---The Fat Ass

                        1995 SL2-High compression engine FOR SALE
                        2010 Chevy Cobalt SS- tuned with plenty of goodness
                        2002 SC2-New daily
                        2017 Kawasaki Ninja 650 KRT- got a stupid deal
                        2003 Ford Taurus SES- free daily beater


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                          I don't believe Saturn 1.9 head bolts are torque to yield. No matter, I like to buy new ones anyway.

                          Now, Chrysler's 2.2's use torque to yield bolts that strangely can be used exactly twice... I never use those more than once, either.

                          Anyway... Does anyone have FSM documentation to the effect that the head bolts should not be re-used?
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                            It doesn't specify.

                            # Position the number one cylinder, clockwise as viewed from the accessory drive end 90 degrees past top dead center (TDC). The crankshaft is correctly positioned when the crankshaft keyway and sprocket timing mark are aligned with the cylinder block main bearing cap split line.

                            Object Number: 871303 Size: SH
                            Click here for detailed picture of above image.


                            Whenever a cylinder block or head bolts are replaced, install the cylinder head and torque the bolts to 65 Nأƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ·m (48 lbs ft). Next, remove the bolts, coat the threads with engine oil and follow the torque angle procedure steps. Torquing the bolts one time prior to following the torque angle steps insures proper clamp load is achieved.
                            # Install a new cylinder head gasket.
                            # Install the cylinder head, aligning it on the dowels.

                            1. Carefully guide the head into place.
                            2. Thread the bolts, threads coated with engine oil in by hand until finger tight.

                            Object Number: 877071 Size: SH
                            Click here for detailed picture of above image.


                            The following steps must be completed in sequence. This will ensure uniform bolt tension.
                            # Cylinder head bolt tightening procedure:
                            # In sequence, torque the cylinder head bolts.

                            Tighten the cylinder head bolts - first pass to 30 Nأƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ·m (22 lb ft).

                            Object Number: 879439 Size: SH
                            Click here for detailed picture of above image.
                            # In sequence, torque all bolts, second pass.

                            Tighten the cylinder head bolts - second pass (DOHC to ) 45 Nأƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ·m (33 lb ft) + 90 degrees.
                            # Install the SA9140E or equivalent, Snap-onأƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ® Tool 360 .
                            # Calibrate the gage to zero.
                            # In sequence, turn each bolt an additional 90 degrees - final pass.
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                              According to the saturn dealership, I just ordered my head gasket from, Saturn head bolts can be reused.

                              The haynes books says" mount each bolt in a vise and run a die down the threads to remove corrosion and restore the threads..dirt, corrosion sealant and damaged threads will affect torque readings."

                              If I were pushing 400+hp, I wouldnt reuse old bolts, I wouldnt even use bolts, I'd use studs. but, I'm not pushing 400+hp.
                              90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.


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