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tuning help with the safc 2

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  • tuning help with the safc 2

    i have a 98 sc2 with alot of bolt ons and then i bought a safc2. i got it hooked up right( went over the wiring more then twice) and when i try to adjust the low throttle points and nothing happens. i would add more fuel or take it away and nothing happens. i need help!!!

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    Don't bother with the LO throttle points. Let the PCM handle it. Get an air-fuel gauge and mess with HI. That's what you should be interested in.
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      Hey there fellow NW'ner. Doesn't the SAFCII need to be corrected more than 20% because that is how much the pcm can handle adjusting for, IIRC. I've never had one, just what I remember hearing. So, a 25% change should have an effect while <20% the pcm will just auto correct. Do you have a WB02 to monitor the engine? If not, gonna be hard to tell.
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        not sure if you can add fuel. only take it away with our cars.
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          you can add fuel with it, when you set it for +xx it adds and -xx lowers fuel.


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            not at WOT though...well, it might add 2-3 more percent, but that depends on what the PCM is seeing for map voltage.

            Mosty it is used to reduce the amount of fuel.
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