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  • Ring Gap Pwnage

    So I decided to check my ring gap while waiting on some other parts before I put the shiz together. I figured everything would be in spec but wanted to make sure... 1995 block, bored out .040" (1mm)

    The FSM spec sheets:

    MY measurements:

    bore: just about 83mm on all 4

    Top Ring Gap: (biggest feeler gauge i could fit in smoothly without forcing it in)

    cyl. 1- .483mm
    cyl. 2- .432mm
    cyl. 3- .483mm
    cyl. 4- .432mm

    2nd Ring Gap:

    cyl. 1- .559mm
    cyl. 2- .533mm
    cyl. 3- .533mm
    cyl. 4- .533mm

    WTF is the deal here? Both rings on all CYL's are out of standard spec....

    How i checked gap:

    I thought maybe I got standard rings hence having the larger ring gap.. but i checked the box:

    And the 040 on the last digits of the P/N i assume implies its bored out .040

    so whats the deal here?

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    Looser then a crack whores pussy at 3 in the morning.
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      If it's not in there perfectly straight it can distort the measurement. Just spray a lot of N20 to close the gap up?
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        guy went alittle overbored w/ the boring
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          Originally posted by therealm0rh0us
          guy went alittle overbored w/ the boring
          I measured hte bore on all 4 cyl.. square on 83mm.

          Originally posted by Low SL2 on plastikracing
          It's still within spec. All the Hastings rings I've used on engines I've built were about the same. No problems to report. Call Hastings tech support and see what they say if you're not sure about it.
          I'll remeasure everything this weekend to make sure, but I'm thinkin lowsl2 is right. Maybe i'll call hastings and get their opinion too.


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            What i'd do is put a piston in the block and push it up so that the ring gets perfectly straight, but i'm pretty sure you already know about that

            let us know what Hastings says, I'm interested in hearing about it.


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              you mean put the piston in first and then put the ring in since it won't go in through the bottom

              you do have a point though, knowing how tired ralli is when he gets time to work on this engine it might not be perfectly flush when he is checking it.


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                The way i did it was place the ring into the cyl. lay the piston flat side down on the ring, then using a straight edge laying across the piston skirt i pushed down until the flat edge was flush with the top of the block, ensuring the piston is in there straight.

                remeasured the rings, being extra careful and making damn sure they are straight:

                Cyl1: .508mm
                Cyl2: .508mm
                Cyl3: .508mm
                Cyl4: .508mm

                Cyl1: .483mm
                Cyl2: .483mm
                Cyl3: .483mm
                Cyl4: .483mm

                and before you ask, no i did not mix up the rings. The 2nd ring is the thicker ring with the dot on it.

                I called hastings.. and i got some answering machine with some woman with a thick northen accent lol


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                  grab some gapless rings
                  this whole situation sounds too aggrevating to even deal with for me ive channelled my patience to you it wasnt much
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                  - 9 BOLT Aluminum Intake 3rd gen sedan... Beige... 160K

                  You're so crazy! enough in a way that i'll probably say you destroyed me!
                  ~The Used


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                    "gapless" rings arent truly gapless, and the set up of 2 rings stagered in 1 ringland is only used on the top or middle groove. it doesnt eliminate blow by or have a "gapless" design. if normal rings are out of spec, then so will the total seal ones.
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