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  • did i f it up

    so i was puttin my oil pan on an engine and i was snugging up one of the bolts before i put the torque wrench on it and i heard a pop and then i moved on to the next one and did the same thing and then i realized i cracked the block.

    in the pic it is the two nubs that have some stuff on them. now did i fuck this block or should i be fine to use it?

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    thats why you don't put silicone in the bolt holes.
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      Originally posted by S.Bretz
      thats why you don't put silicone in the bolt holes.
      And always make sure to clean your bolts and chase the threads in the holes or at least run a toothpick in em to make sure they are clean.

      Id say if you dont notice any oil leaking you should be fine. I would pull the bolts out and clean the holes.


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        how tight did you put them down? and yeah to the other things said
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          thats a shame they arent torqued too tight either
          and if you dont mind thats quite a messy job your gonna clean that , right?

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