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Tire and Rim size / speed calculator

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  • Tire and Rim size / speed calculator

    Tire Size Calculator

    This will help all who want bigger rims and/or tires for their car. Get your speed right, so you don't get a ticket!

    For example, 17'' rims, nominal tire size is 205/50 R17. It will have you going 60.2mph when you're speedometer says 60mph.

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    been using that site for years now, almost as long as I've been around saturns.


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      Well, now there's a link for everyone else to use as well if they didn't already know about it. I've been using it for the past 2 years, and just never thought to post it till now.


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        mines actyally like 1% off

        when it reads 60 its really doing 59.3

        not bad i thought it was going to be off by like 5 mph
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          Which ones

          Tire Rack 1

          Tire Rack 2

          New Goodyears


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            lol, my switch from 205/55 R16 to 205/50 R16 threw my speedometer off by 3.2%. 60mph is actually 58.1 mph.
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              i"m in the same situation because I'm running the same wheel recal as yours to get the higher top speed


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                i thought brian already put up the link in the how to section. and i use 1010tires calculator.
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                  Yeah, I too have been using that Miata tire calculator for years as well. Jon turned me to a new one at a place called Big Custom wheels. They sell some gangsta ass rims and some monster brake kits for the hoopties BUT they have a great tire/wheel calculator for wheel offset and tire size. You can also compare two at one time to see the difference.

                  It is setup nicely, check it out.

                  Wheel/Tire calculator
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