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oil pressure fitting size

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  • oil pressure fitting size

    well i did my lil search button thingy and got all the wiring stuff straight and where to put my sending unit but what size fitting screws into the block?? the sending unit i got (autometer stuff btw) has a 1/8" NPT and has a 1/4" NPT adapter fitting.

    will those work or will i need to get another fitting to make it work?

    thanks guys!

    *edit* also what size allen is it to get that plug out?
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    The plug head is an 8mm hex gimmick.

    Sorry, I don't know the thread size.
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      M16x1.5 for the galley plugs.

      1/4NPT for the stock sender, the autometer adapter will work there. Just make sure to use A LOT of teflon tape.
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        so your saying i could just put the sender for the gauge where the stock dummy light sender is now? could i tap off of the new sender to still keep the dummy light???
        [color=red]-Tyler[/color]<br /><br />2005 Chevy Trailblazer<br />1999 Saturn SL2<br />2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200


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          When you remove the stock sender the dumm light will stay OFF. You dont need it there. It wont throw a code or anything.

          Then you have an oil pressure gauge as your "dummy light"

          I can't stress it wnough though, wind that bitch with A LOT of teflon tape. I didn't use enough and that thing leaked.
          07 Redline w/ stuff.<br /><br />89 Civic hatch w/o stuff.<br /><br />96 SL2 that dont need stuff.


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            yes, put the autometer unit in the stock sensor spot. the 1/4" adapter fits in fine but add plenty of teflon TAPE to the fitting. if you use the liquid, it will leak. jeremy and i both have first hand experience with the liquid. the liquid will seal the sending unit to the fitting but not the fitting to the block.
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