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  • here goes nothin!!

    welll as stated in other posts my head is fucked beyond all reason...and after i put in the junkyard head its still
    since my car has 165k miles im gettin me a rebuilt one cause 4 the shop to do the head swap its gunno be $700 plus parts and i can buy a new motor and put it in myself for cheaper

    any prefrences on rebuilders?
    Fucking Pringle bastards.

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    go forged,,, turbo later


    • #3
      turbo build commin this fall...
      i just need sumtin now thats reliable so i can make the money to build turbo!!
      Fucking Pringle bastards.


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        put the money in for forged pistons and rods while you have it dismantled.... 100 times better then having to redo it


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          i dont have the garage to rebuild a motr right now and the misses would surely hate sleeping next to an engine lol ( i live in an apartment)
          im jsut gunna buy the rebuilt motor complete now and put it in asap
          Fucking Pringle bastards.


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            have any friends that could hook you up over there on the far sid e of the world?
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              well my dad was gunna let me use his garage and tools....till he kicked me out...
              ohh well fuck it i gots me a good job ill jsut hafta buy some more tools

              and i guess the misses will just hafta put up with the motor for a while lol...good thing she doesnt read this or ill be sleepin with the motor not her [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]
              Fucking Pringle bastards.


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