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  • po137 code detected

    i installed my cat back exhaust and got the ses light and i had it tested and it said po137 meaning post cat o2 sensor low voltage, what does this mean the o2 sensor is bad??

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    You drive a saturd any type of MOD will make yo SES engine come on, you'll learn to ignore it
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      Originally posted by conflict325
      You drive a saturd any type of MOD will make yo SES engine come on, you'll learn to ignore it
      how about posting something relevant to the question asked

      it's not typical for a cat back exhaust to cause an SES light. it's possible that your rear o2 was going bad and now it's showing, or it could very well be too much flow triggering it, but it's odd, I've never had that happen on a cat-back install.

      try resetting your ECU (pull the negative battery cable or the PCM fuses in the fuse box and let it sit a few minutes), then start it back up. it will either stall or nearly stall and then rev up and idle out. let it sit a few min at idle too. if the light comes on again, bring it to a parts store to have the codes pulled again.


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        i had it reset when they pluged it in to test the ses light, any idea what low voltage means


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          what year is the car and is it an original o2 and is it an upstream?
          if its old and still throw s a code and is upstream then you should change it
          if it s down stream just put some black tape over the light
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