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'99 SL2 DOHC - Looking for oil pressure specifications

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  • '99 SL2 DOHC - Looking for oil pressure specifications

    My best friend's '99 SL2 has what I believe to be an oil pressure problem, and I need to run a pressure test on it. I'm looking for the oil pressure specifications, and if anyone here can provide them, or maybe direct me to somewhere I can find them, I'd appreciate it. I've searched various Saturn message boards, and haven't found much in the way of technical data. I figured I'd start here, as there seems to be a better overall grasp of technical related issues here than on any of the other boards. Thanks guys.

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    5W 30 EC II Oil (With Starburst Symbol)
    Pressure Setting at 90أƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ°C (195أƒئ’أ¢â‚¬إ،أƒâ€?أ‚آ°F)
    Coolant Temperature

    at Idle RPM
    Standard 90 kPa (13.0 psi.min.)

    Service Limit 65 kPa (9.0 psi min.)

    at 2000 RPM
    Standard 250 kPa (36.0 psi min.)

    Service Limit 200 kPa 29.0 psi min.)

    Cold (up to 2500 rpm) 560 kPa (80 psi max.)

    Info via AllData.
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