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    my valve body is shoot. i get the reverse slam, and car gets a limiter of 40-50 mph when the cars has been driven for more then 30 minutes on rather warm days. is there any fix to this. like swapping out the valve body, replacing the tranny it self? i wanted to do the conversion but i dont ( WONT ) have the money for it for at least another 3-4 months and i cant stand watching and hearing my car suffer when changing gears.

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    yep, you can swap the valve body.
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      is there any chance the bad valve body could damage the tranny at all? would it be beeter just to swap the valve body or get a whole new tranny?


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        shit if you want put the manual valve body in it...that way it wont shift till u left off the gas...poser manual in an auto!!!!
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          i didnt even think that was possible. but is there still any chance the bad valve body could have affected the tranny in any way?


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            Originally posted by deleon517
            i didnt even think that was possible. but is there still any chance the bad valve body could have affected the tranny in any way?
            idk if that is possible with the turd slush box.

            its a real comon thing in old musscle. almost all mopars iv been in have that
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              the mp6 and 7 trannys are actually built rather well w/ helical gears
              and ive never seen even a diff go bad in one just the vbs
              you can change it in under an hour if you know some stuff its right up top
              mostly ive changed them for no reverse and delayed reverse when hot
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                I believe you need a modified stock VB do have a manual operation ATX. And yes, lotsa Mopar muscle cars have these...even the super slow 3 speed Neons have an option for this. In fact, one such part is sitting in my garage right now...woulda made for an interesting driving experience...much less fun than a real MTX, but you had less to break and less ways to break it. Plus its just unique.

                Anyway...if anyone ever gets a hold of how to modify a Saturn VB for this, I'd love to know...I'm trying, on my own, to find out how, but I dont seem to have much luck with it right now.
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