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Shifting Problem

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  • saturnspeed_12
    depends on how much you cut it. with the shorter throw, it becomes a bit harder to shift. most people dont like or just dont adjust to the feel. but you could have bad cables or synchros

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  • kagekun
    started a topic Shifting Problem

    Shifting Problem

    I drive a 98 sc2 and sometimes its hard to get it into gear. I have to literally push with force to get it into first, usually after Ive driven it more then 10mins. Ive had the master and slave cyls changed.
    The bigger problem IMO is the 1-2 shift under full throttle, I miss the shift so much because I have to slam it into gear, same with the 2-3 sometimes.

    Any thoughts on what this could be, Im going to check the cables when I put in my real short shifter, is this a symptom of using a stock cut shifter?

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