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can you switch the seats on a sx?

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  • can you switch the seats on a sx?

    it might not matter if i happen to pull a seat this weekend in arcadia but my dad who is 6'1" 250 (im 5'6" 130) keeps geting in my car when he drives it whithout scooting the seat back till after he gets in and now he has destroyed my side bulsters. so im wondering if i dont end up geting a new one this weekend if i can swich the sides that the seat belts hook on so that i can i can make him use the damn broken seat?
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    I am pretty sure that's a no. The slider handles would be oppostie but probably okay. The side release is the problem and not interchangable as far as I know. You can go to the local junkyard and get a seat or if you get lucky and snatch up a pair in Arcadia.
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