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my stupid car... again

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  • my stupid car... again

    yep having some cranking issues. it sounds like the battery is almost dead when trying to crank, but its a new battery. alt is new too, but everything that ive looked at so far has pointed at the batt.

    i used my handy dandy multi-meter and measured the voltage right off the battery two weeks ago mid 12's voltage, last week barely 12 and tonight 11.86 volts all not running of course. when i start the car measuring still of the battery terminals maybe a half volt more than not running. put the neg of the multi-meter on a different grounding spot boom 14.8 or so volts.

    thought maybe ground straps they all seem fine tight and intact, a lil surface corrosion. the battery i have is an everstart maxx and im thinkin it might be oversized but i dunno how that all works its a 825 cca and a 650 ca. just looked tonight at it and was like shit thats a bit big for this car, right??? its still under warrenty so i can bring it back to get a proper batt.

    what do you guys think, i was trying to solve it myself here for a few weeks now but nothing is working out. any pointers help, very muchly appretiated!
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