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Clutch.. or hydraulics?

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  • Clutch.. or hydraulics?

    Hey everyone. Seems like every post I read on each problem, is something I have. Maybe they're both bad.. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/confused.gif[/img]

    I'm leaning more towards clutch hydraulics, but don't let me guess sway your opinion;

    1st is almost always the hardest to get into. I say almost, because just last night when I stopped at home, I started playing with the shifter to see how it felt, and 3rd and 5th became IMPOSSIBLE to get into. I pushed as hard as I felt was sane (didn't want to snap whatever wasn't letting me in) and nothing helped. 1st was very hard too, but possible. The only solution was just taking the clutch in and out a few times and basically running through random gears until everything felt a little better.

    2nd, whenever the car is turned off, it's MUCH easier to shift. Basically I never run into "problems" (ie not being able to push it in), but it is a bit rougher than I think it should be (might just be me).

    3rd, the easiest way to get into 1st for me is to be braking for a light, and just hold the shifter with a medium amount of force into 1st until around 5mph (i think) where it catches and slides in. From any higher and it's hard, and from any lower (ie a stop), it's hard sometimes.

    I checked the fluid in the clutch master cylinder (or at least what I thought was it... the thing under the brake fluid), and it seemed like it had enough. maybe a 1/4-1/2" from the top.

    Any more things i can check or try while driving to rule out one thing or another?


    P.S. one more thing, might be unrelated, but occasionally when backing up, or revving it to around 2-3k with the clutch in and in gear, it makes slight but quick bucking motions. They aren't as neck jerking as stalling, and faster, but thats the closest thing I can compare it to.
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    ok when shifting while car is off, is a totally different thing so if its smooth then, then your lucky and the trans is fine but check fluid level anyways.

    now where does your clutch seem to engage off the floor and where does it disengage? this will very much help to figure the problem. but my guess is from what it sounds like your clutch is bad.
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