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  • Fuel System conversion

    What parts need to be swapped to convert my 98 Saturn to the return style fuel system? Has any one done this swap? Any help would be appreciated. (Sorry if there was any topic on this already. I didn't think to check before I typed.)
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    yes its been done. i talked to one guy about it and he said he used the entire system off a 96-97 car (including pump) and got it to work. i know another guy, which i got to see the car too, and his was turbo'd and he had a high flow rail with a regulator and rigged up a return line back to the tank and he said the hardest part was figuring how to hook the return line up so it dumped back into the tank.

    now i cant say for sure on anything, but i think maybe if you get the fuel pump module (thing in tank that fuel pump is in) with the fuel pump, the 97 rail, and some hose you could probably rig it up. another method i doubt you would want to do enevolves another pump thats inline that has a hook up for a return. you will definitely get other answers on this, i havent really ever looked into it since i have a return.
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