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    Ok so my car came with a beat up old key fob that I never used really didnt work. It did...but you had to be touching the door in order for it to even consider locking or unlocking it. Well today I finally got a new battery in it and it works great from a distance though its still pretty beat up (need to look for a new one on eBay or something).

    The interesting thing is, the dome light, when set to "door", never worked (you could still turn it on inside the car and it would work). But when you set it to "door" and then open the doors, it never comes on. But when I set it to "door" and lock/unlock the doors with the fob it actually comes on! Though when you start the car, it goes off, as you'd expect it to, but when I open the doors after driving, it doesnt come back on until I lock the door. Also the horn squacks when you push the lock button twice as it should.

    Another thing is that when I lock/unlock the car, the headlights dont flash like they did with my mom's old '01 SL2 and like they do with my fiance's '05 Focus. I'm wondering if this is supposed to happen or not. Were the systems back in '97 setup for Saturns to do to that? I mean I'm not totally complaining, cause the dome light does come on immediately and lets me know the system is working (and where my car is in a dark parking lot), but I wonder if the headlights are supposed to flash at all.

    Anyway, I now have a reasonable keyless entry system that works: the doors lock/unlock, the trunk pops up when you push the trunk release, and the panic button works as well. Just not sure if it's working as it all the headlights flashing and the dome light activating when the doors open.

    Also the car never makes any kind of "ding" noise inside...when I leave the lights on, it doesnt ding, when I open the door, it doesnt ding, and when I start the car up, it doesnt ding. Just thought I'd put that out there too for you troubleshooters out there.
    1997 Silver SC2 Coupe

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    Yeah go try to put a new alarm in it. The securtiy module is in the rear Right 1/4 panel. I kinda did the same thing with my old car. I put a new battery in the remotes and fiddleed with the remote and bingo! lol.
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