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smells like gas?!

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  • smells like gas?!

    it seems the interior of my car kind of smells like gas.

    i don't really mind driving around high all the time... but i was just wondering whats up with that?

    if its not gass.... its an odd combination from the new car smell in a can spray and pine tree scents.

    any ideas? i don't belive i've drilled into the gas take or anything... my screws ar only a less than a half-inch deep (had to drill to ground amps) and plus, i only drilled in one small area, and hte gas tank should be towards the end of the trunk.
    lawd it's been a long time

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    actually the gas tank is close to the rear seats, the end of the trunk is the spare tire well

    where did you drill into it?


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      right where the trunk starts to curve around, directly behind the rear seats/below the rear duck... but i don't think my screws are long enough to do that.
      lawd it's been a long time


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        yeah true, you probably used the sheet metal screws to mount all that stuff

        it coudln't hurt to check though

        are you noticing fluid on the underside of the tank at all?


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          should i head outside and check it?

          i think i'd know if i went trhough the tank.. shoudl be able to feel it stressing on the drill and stuff.
          lawd it's been a long time


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            nothing on the underside of the tank.. but i went in my trunk and thoroughly smelled my current ground wire location and my pervious two.. one of them was fine, the other one reekd of gas. #$!%

            edit: i started to notice it when took the screws out of the old ground wire. can i just plug it right back up with screws again? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif[/img]

            edit2: i put some screws back in there as a temp fix... but whats it going to cost to replace the tank or have it fixed?
            lawd it's been a long time


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              Your evap hose might have deteriorated and cracked. If it leaks fumes, then you will smell it in the cabin.
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                its best to replace the tank. i have no idea how much itll cost. it isnt very hard.
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                  Originally posted by TURRRBOOO
                  Your evap hose might have deteriorated and cracked. If it leaks fumes, then you will smell it in the cabin.
                  good point.. unlikely but i'll still consider it. where would i find this house? if i looked under the car would it be visible?

                  but i plugged it up, put 3 pine tree scents and used a can of new car scent.

                  the gas smell is gone, not just covered up!

                  i'll get it repaired over the summer.. right now if it ell my dad and have him do it, he may not support my car audio addiction! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif[/img]
                  lawd it's been a long time


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