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clutch slave blew

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  • clutch slave blew

    ok well i just did an engine swap last week. i couldn't get the car in gear while it was running so i went and got a new slave and master cylinder.
    while installing it, i thought i had lined it up right and i got in the car to push on the clutch and the slave blew apart. now i guess there is tons of fluid in the trans. is this gonna ruin anything, or can i just take the inspection cover off and make sure there are no pieces there.
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    did you pick up a used one or did you remove the tabs before you installed it? if it was a case where the rod blew out, your most likely going to have to pull the trans off to retrieve the rod. your going to have to clean all that brake fluid out of the bellhousing so it doesnt containment the clutch. fluid did not get into the trans itself.

    it can be a pain to line that rod up with the lever, but the way i found it possible is to stick the rod in by itself, and wiggle it around a bit till it seems centered and stuck in place. ive done it 4 times without issue. and if you buy a new one, dont remove the tabs, stick it in and once you press the clutch theyll break.
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