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  • engine timing

    ok, its getting close to time for me to redo my timing, ive got a parts list going so far as to what i need, cuz they dont sell timing kits for the 99's.
    timing chain
    tensioner guides
    oil pump (might as well as im in there right?)
    front oil seal
    timing chain cover gasket
    valve cover gasket

    do i need to replace the cam gears and crank gear or are they ok to re-use????

    im lookin at some sda cams too to go in with the timing stuff [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif[/img]
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    If you go to your local saturn dealer ship you can get a brand new Timng Chain kit. Its over the 100$ price mark. Comes with new chain, cam gears, chain guides, seals, crankgear, and all te other little parts. Gaskets sold seperately.


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      my local dealership said that the 99 and newer dont have a kit. everything comes seperate.

      and no you wont need the cam gears, they should be fine. the crank, should be fine too but you will just have to look at them to find out. if you have the money and dont mind then go ahead and change them.
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        I would replace everything if you're going to change the other stuff

        better to be safe and have spares then sorry


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          re-use it all. gaskets and everything.

          no, don't really.
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            lol ok, prolly best to replace them then. so what i had listed is all thats needed? is there anything im missing
            [color=red]-Tyler[/color]<br /><br />2005 Chevy Trailblazer<br />1999 Saturn SL2<br />2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200


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              pretty much..... of course, get some silicone, and NO, not the type that Pam Anderson uses.


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