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tired of egr valve knokin sound

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  • tired of egr valve knokin sound

    then you got to here me out.
    after being tired if seeing the check eng. light I started to toy around and came up with this.

    take your egr valve gasket and draw it out on a thin sheet of metal ( I used .050 stanless) cut out the main outline and two bolt holes
    next you should have the square hole and small circle hole remaining
    using a 3/8" drill bit drill the center of the square hole ; now take a 5/32"
    drill bit and drill the center of the small circle Install and enjoy (reset computer) no light and no sound

    I did this on my 01sl1

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    you can do the same thing with a dime or two quarters


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      home made block off plate. hate to say it but people have already done it. havent done it to mine since it works and dont see any need to mess with it. i have done it on my friends eclipse, had to make two of them, one for egr and other for intake.
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        the point was one for 3rd gens, in most cases on a 3rd gen if you just block it off you get the CEL if you make the blockoff plate and drill the right size holes you wont get a CEL and you wont get the anoying sound

        (just a thought)


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