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Crank but no Start

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  • Crank but no Start

    I had no issues at all today when I was driving my 96 Saturn SC2. Then I hopped in to start it tonight (its cold out) and it wouldn't start. It would quickly crank over but no sign of wanting to start. The last time I saw this (twice before actually) it was a burned out EIS fuse. Its a 7.5 amp fuse. I believe that EIS stands for electronic ignition system. So I checked the fuse and found out it was indeed burned out. I quickly replaced the fuse with another 7.5 amp fuse but it still wouldn't start. I checked the fuse again and sure enough, it was burned out again. So I replaced it with a 10 amp fuse, because I really want to get home, and this time the fuse didn't burn out (sweet!) but the car wouldn't start (Doh!). So now I probably have something else that is shorted or burned up. Not sure what it could be. It could be the coil packs, although they are just a few years old. It could be the PCM, but that seems unlikely. I'm looking for ideas. My grounds are in really good shape. I don't have corrosion on any of the electrical items in the engine. What do you think?

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    Tbone43. please see attached. it looks like the actual ignition module under the coil packs may be shot?
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      DO check that entire run of wiring though. its not terribly long.


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