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Dead instrument cluster ... need advice please!

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  • Dead instrument cluster ... need advice please!

    I am working on a 2009 Saturn Aura XE

    Brakes needed major work ... done!

    While bleeding the brakes, I noticed the dash was dead tach, no speedo, no lights ... dead.

    I know it was working when I drove the car over.

    Here is the strange part .... I pulled the cluster/theft fuse .... it was good ...put it back in and the cluster worked!

    Next morning it was dead again.

    Pulled and put the fuse back in nothing ...

    Pulled and checked the Body Control Module fuse (in the engine compartment) ... again fuse was good and cluster came back to life!

    Two hours later ... it is dead again.

    I pulled both fuses ... they are OK ... put them back in ... still the panel is dead.

    When I put the key in and turn it, I do see the car with the lock symbol light up and the check engine light comes on ... but the rest of the panel is dead

    I am lost!

    Any suggestions ?????

    Maybe pull the cluster and check for power and ground on the connector ... I would need a wiring diagram ... any suggestions on finding one?

    Thanks ... Mike

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