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Strange noise coming from transmission

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  • Strange noise coming from transmission

    Hi there everyone,

    Was running my car some yesterday around the block for about 10 mins giving it some gas here and there and when I parked it, I let it run some more at idle. I then proceeded to rev it while sitting just to listen and a strange noise came from the transmission area. It’s a loud whining noise that doesn’t sound pleasant. I hopped in the car again and put it in reverse. It slammed into gear which was unpleasant again. I proceeded to drive and I noticed when it shifted to second gear it struggled with power and seemed like it lagged behind when it shifted. Before all this happened it ran amazing. Thoughts on what it could be?

    Car is 1998 SL2 DOHC Auto trans with a locked diff

    I attached a video of it here. Let me know if there are any problems viewing.
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    Adding to original post:
    I have since added some trans fluid as it seemed a little low. I have not driven it since and just let it run in park idling and revving. The whine is 100% still there but not as loud as in the video since the motor wasn’t hot or being driven. I run through the gears and though there isn’t a slam into reverse, there is still a considerable amount of movement to the car when it shifts that was never there before.

    I have also noticed a buzzing noise coming from the top of the trans when I shift into reverse for about a second and the same when shifting into drive. No noise in park. When in neutral, 3rd, and 2nd the noise is constant. Here is a video of that:


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