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OBD1 ICM Wiring and Questions

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  • OBD1 ICM Wiring and Questions

    1). Anybody on here running OBD1 ICM with megasquirt?
    Looking to see if I need to run a 5v line to the ICM for spark bypass mode if I plan on retaining the stock PCM.
    I know I can get a 5v signal from the TPS, and run a 1K ohm resistor to satisfy the ICM. But is that needed if the stock PCM is in place?
    My plan is to control fuel, spark, idle with MS, and let the stock OBD1 PCM control the fuel pump and the gauges.

    2). I understand the OBD1 ICM conditions the crank signal for the tach input. But, I believe the ICM output is 6x not 7x. What could be done at that point? Should I just use my current set up right off of the crank sensor? Or can megasquirt interpret the 6x signal from the ICM?

    Here's the info I was using. Especially pages 7-9.

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