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Starter/electrical issue. 2001 lw300

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  • Starter/electrical issue. 2001 lw300

    Hey everyone! I'm Fitz.
    First post here, and first Saturn. It's my wife's 2001 lw300. We were getting tires put on and the tech came in and told us it's not starting. Dragged it home, threw some jumpers onto it and it was making a sound like a vacuum from the starter. I decided to just replace the starter( not fun but I got it done). Same problem after replacing it, happening without a key in the ignition (see video linked). Did more research and decided to try replacing the relay box for the fan in front of the battery (cheap at the yard, anecdotal evidence it could help) at this point I'm going to stop throwing parts at it and get some advice from you folks.

    Video of issue:


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    Is it for sure the starter?
    What happens if you left that battery on longer?
    If that thing IS turning can you still start the car? What happens then if so?

    IF you can't solve this I would personally just be lazy and put an interrupt switch under the dash for whatever power it gets... Owner
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      I'm 95% it's the starter. I can wiggle my hand down and feel it vibrating with the noise and it's coming from the exact spot the starters at. I don't know the engine well but I don't think there's any other electric motors in the area.

      The thing will do it till the battery dies. I'll try hopping in and starting it tomorrow, it's pouring today, but I'm not too hopeful.

      I can't even find a relay controlling it. I've gone through all 4 fuse/relay boxes that I know of. If it was mine, or I had something she could drive maybe I'd take the band-aid route but she's already terrified it's going to leave her stranded again and we're not in a spot to buy something else right now. I'd like to try to get it working right.


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