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2002 SC2 crank, no start

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  • 2002 SC2 crank, no start

    I’ve got a 2002 SC2 that’s cranking, but won’t start. I drove it to the store and back one night and then it sat for two days. When I went to start it after that is when the issue occurred. It’s never has issues with starting before. We’ve got spark, fuel, and compression. It’s got a new ects and the security light isn’t on. We did get it to start a few days ago and for the rest of the night it would fire right back up. But the next day we were back to the same issue. I have no clue what to try next. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Could be one or more of these. start with the cheapest

    Fuel tank empty?
    Battery Weak?
    Battery connections loose or corroded?
    leaking fuel injectors?
    Bad fuel pump?
    Bad Pressure regulator?
    Ignition components wet/ loose?
    Loose or broken wiring in the starter system?
    Bad Coil?
    engine coolant sensor defective?
    Crank position sensor defective?

    If you have a mind to check the coils and mounting clean up mounting bolts and area touching the bottom
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      I know nothing about Gen 3 security. So hopefully it's not that.
      What doesn't make sense is you say you have fuel, spark, and compression. You should get something, like it is trying to run, but I am inferring you have no sign of life.

      How do you know it's not fuel? Did you check the pressure? Did you squirt fuel in the manifold? Did you listen for the pump to run?

      How about compression? Check all 4 cylinders with a gauge? Although unless all 4 cylinders were blown you would expect some sign of life.

      How did you check for spark? The CPS is one possible culprit, but that usually fails hot. Not your case.

      Did you replace your ECTS sensor recently? Any chance the connector is bad? I had to replace mine in the '98 due to corrosion.

      Do you have live data to look at RPM or fuel when you crank? If not consider buying one of these. They are awesome.
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