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  • Sometimes it's Simple.

    Been fighting the SLno1 increasingly often over the last couple years over simply starting. It seemed apparent to me the stock fuel pump from 1998 with 190k miles on it was slowly dying. I mean, when car was not starting, I could hear the fuel pump was not priming. Next key cycle it primed correctly, and the beast started fine.

    Well recently, the thing would not start, could hear the pump not turning on at all. So I had Sc2sick's help putting a fresh Walbro pump in, and car started fine right after! Problem fixed right? Turns out not.

    Again this week I tried firing up the car, and same old behavior popped up, no fuel pump numerous key cycles, then it would kick in suddenly and old beast would start fine.

    So clearly I missed something. I thought through the starting process. My ign key cylinder is 190k aged too, and has typical age quirks, but symptoms don't line up. Fuel filter is old, but been replaced over the life of the car. And so on I thought down the system.

    I came to the fuel pump fuse in my head, but if it works it works, and I checked it because easy. However, that led me to the pump's relay. I checked specifically as I cycled the key. It wasn't tripping when pump wasn't turning on, figures! Grumbling, I dug through my electrical drawer and stuck a 'new' spare in there, just to try.

    BAM! Cycled key and fuel pump (through relay), triggered on correctly and with more gumption that it has in a long time! Numerous times car has started fine, for 3 days. Problem Fixed!

    I bring this up as example of classic automotive problem solving. Don't pick the worst, in depth cause of a problem as the most likely cause. It's easy to jump that far with the internet today. Always start with the simple, easy things first, even if they are maybe less likely.
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    when the heck are you gunna put proper engine management on that thing? lol


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      Glad to hear that you found the issue. Continue bringing death and destruction with the SOHC of doom.
      Originally posted by Donnie
      I see a failboat, steaming full speed on an ocean of failsauce into a barrier reef of lol.
      Originally posted by BC. Livewire
      if you hate seeing money going down the drane

      than do not turbo your car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Hopefully soon I can at least start the process. The car is getting a new place to sleep within the next few months. So that will definitely help speed that process along.
        It's not my fault, blame the radiation.


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