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S-Series near El Paso TX ???

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  • S-Series near El Paso TX ???

    I've been talking to Donald at Yellow Speed Racing in El Paso TX about getting coilovers made for the S-Series. He's willing to add our car to their list. But he needs a car to measure. He says it will take about an hour and half to get it done.

    Is there anyone near El Paso willing to drive in and and let the guys at the shop take measurements?

    This would be a good opportunity to get your suspension inspected. My guess is that if you say pretty please they'll do it for free while they are in there anyway. You will also be helping out the S-Series community at large, since we will afterwards finally have high-end bolt-on coilovers that don't need drilling or adapting.

    This is the website for the shop:

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    Hey that looks familiar LOL...I'm not really sure to react to this lol.


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