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    I think I kind'a thread jacked previously a little bit so I thought I'd make my own thread on it.

    When I was trying to hunt down AMR to find out what was happening with the buy-in (before I found this place), I came across a company called K-sport. I thought maybe they were making the coilovers for AMR since they looked so similar to the picture on Saturnspeed. I spoke to them to see if they were doing it. When they said no I asked if they would do a buy-in. All it would take is 10 people (again). The reason I thought K sport might be a better choice than AMR is (not to take away anything from AMR), well for starters, they have a working website, which always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
    Plus, they have a wide variety of choices already (Hyundai?, Sonota???!). Can't speak for them other than that. Who knows, maybe they would be a couple hundred bucks less then the AMR's.

    Let me know if you are interested in this buy-in and I will see if we can work something out.
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    I think that topic says it all.

    AMRs are new, a little more expensive, but may be a better product. The lifetime warranty isn't very professional, but is still a lifetime warranty.

    KSports have been around a little longer, are proven, and are a little cheaper.

    No one knows which will be better, and I'd like to find out who owns KSport now, and if they have any relations with Andy still.
    - Justin [s]99 Blue SL2 - T3/T4 14psi[/s] (dead)

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      No they do not have any relation to us. I actually use to sell Ksports when BodyKits Northwest was a distributor for them. I no longer deal with them for a variety of reasons. We manufacture our parts and develop our coilovers systems from the ground up. We are not like Ksport which their product is practically the same as D2 and many other relabled companies. You can easily tell by comparing there application list as well as spring rates for each given product. Also just by looking at them closely at the way they are machined and the warranty sticker it is a dead give away. How can a company that is only a few years old have a application list that large? We are a small company and our application list is small due to the fact we manufacture our parts and develop them for each car. Your telling me our coilovers look like Ksports LOL. Look a lil closer at the Saturn S-series that we developed and it is not even close. Also our website is not up to 2 reasons. Our PHP developer is busy, and 2nd we got soo many damn orders right now to fill the website is the least of my concern. I don't do anything half ass and that goes for my website as well. I can easily throw around some HTML code and since I use to be a web developer I can do that pretty quickly and give you that warm fuzzy feeling. But I am not going to since I have my own designer which is a much much more creative person than me. My concern are my customers right now that I have currently and coilovers that we are busy developing. So enough with this Ksport bla bla. Cause were not affiliated with them. Just because you can get 10 people does not mean anything. If you want to pay someone to make something bolt on for a cheaper price then fine. But you are not going to get the same work we have put into the Saturn S-series. We have not only developed it from the ground up, but we have tested our products on actual cars and even till now are still getting feedback to improve the product to it's best. We simply do not make a part that bolts on and call it a day. You can not be a company that is 3-4 years old and have 45+ application. You really think they developed them and installed them on cars and took the time to actual get feedback on what works the best for each customer. Yah right, sorry, but that's not the case. I know how both ends work because I did my homework and like I said I use to sell em. I know the manufacturer that develops these coilovers for all these companies personally. They are not hard to find since all they do is mass produce the same shit for different companies, under a different color and name. Development cost money, and development eats up TIME. Ask yourself why we only do custom setups? That is because we truly developed each coilover system and we cater to our customers to get a product that will work for their needs. We do not mass produce our coilovers and we do not have 1 standard spring rate and cross our fingers that it will work for the majority of the people. It took us over a year just to develop the Saturn S-series, and you want to get together 10 people to save yourself a buck. If I wanted to I could have released the product many many many months ago and just called it a day. But no, I am taking the time to actual test the product in real world conditions on actual CARS! I don't go about, hey this sucker bolts in. Let's slap some springs on there which should work and sell em. haha sorry buddy, but I didn't start AMR to sell bullshit, I started AMR to take things to another level since the companies that I use to work with did not want to or DID NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE TO DO SO.

      Anyone with $100,000 can call these companies over seas and have their own version of D2 coilovers or whatever. Have a huge application list, and have their own color. But then were is the edge, what guarentee do you have that the person that spent that 100,000 is not just some guy that has money. Most of the time the person with that 100,000 does not have a clue about suspension developemnt, all they know is how to market them. Most of the owners or people that start these companies are people with just a buck. I am the real deal. Not only was I a web developer for many years, but I was a mechanic for many years as well. I also have been racing since I was 12 years old starting with remove control cars. I build and tune motors and I am one of the few people here in this state that TUNES the AEM EMS. I personally own a 430whp Honda that makes that power at only 10psi. There is no technological background or any true development in the product in many cases with a lot of coilover companies out there. Once I knew that I had exceeded these people and they could not help me any further I decided to do it on my own. I have been in this business for many many years. In the end, if you want to do it right, you got to do it yourself. But also I am a very smart business man. I am not goin to jump into another field when I don't atleast have a taste of what the market is like. I have many many talents, and coilovers is nothing, but 1 of them. I am not going to start a company without doing my own homework. If that means I have to sell someone elses product for awhile, then fine. But as long as that gives me the feedback I need and I am happy. I always start and produce my own items in the end if I decide to do something for myself. Where I start is simply part of my plan to see if it is worth it for me to do anything.
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        glad to see your still poking around here and giving everyone insight andy [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]
        Originally posted by ECOtec Gods
        Consider this: 800 hp is a lot on a 2.0L motor. With 750hp, three-quarters of a thousand you're basically dealing with 6.14 hp per cubic inch. Pressures and stresses of all kinds thermal and mechanical loading across the board escalate to extreme levels. A Chevrolet 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with this much specific power (horsepower per cubic inch) would be making 2,137 hp


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          holy shit

          did you get a dlister on that reply ???


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            I've seen some Ksports on a Honda at work and I've had the only set of AMR's Saturn coil overs here at the house. (helped Billy on testing them) I'd go with the AMR's . Top shelf work.

            Collecting parts soon bitches soon........


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              Thanks for all the info Andy, and Tim too.
              - Justin [s]99 Blue SL2 - T3/T4 14psi[/s] (dead)

              FS: Pimped lower trans mount, TiAL 38mm Wastegate, Gauge Cluster, Oil Drain


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                I've been asking this a lot...what are the spring rates on the AMR Coilover springs?
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                  Originally posted by KeasbeyNights
                  I've been asking this a lot...what are the spring rates on the AMR Coilover springs?
                  wow someone cant read btwn the lines. the rates are whatever will best suit your application. if your serious, contact andy, tell him what you want, and he'll get it rollin from there. and the spring rates are only a component factor. shock valving is just as important..

                  btw andy, impressive rant. +quadrillion
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