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  • dum dum

    hm... this can be locked relatively quickly, but were can i get a new rear sway bar? maybe a 19mm, or 17.5mm? are rears even made for the s series any more?

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    they arent made anymore. If you search the forums and give someone head you might find a used one. They have a few sites that still claim to have the progress 19mm bar. Google it and contact the sites that pop up


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      P/N 62.2002

      hopefully that helps
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        thanks guys!


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          keep ur eyes peeled, you might stumble across one, i see them from time to time.
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            It seems that since SPS discontinued the 16mm and 17.5mm bars, there seems to be some demand for an oversized / adjustable bar. How much of a demand is out there? If there is enough of a response, I may follow through on a deal I have with a major to distribute a run of sway bars.

   ... ar_001.jpg

   ... ar_002.jpg

            The black, thin bar is stock. The middle is a 17.5mm 3-way adjustable and the silver colored bar is a 17.5mm 4-way adjustable. Note: The 4-way adjustable silver one will NOT be produced. I had WAY too much trouble with the vendor to even get this prototype produced. And it cost $160.00!
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              Originally posted by RPM6750
              How much of a demand is out there?
              I'd be interested in one, a few months from now.


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                me too, come march or so, i will be laying money into my suspension like no other. amr coil overs, here i come! lol.


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                  Originally posted by arthursc2
                  i will be laying money into my suspension like no other
                  lol, if you only knew


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                    oh yeah, i know. i wont spend NEARLY as much as you did, but yeah. 2200, plus or minus a few so far. this shit is costly! the price climbs higher as i see more things i want to put on there!

                    So far-
                    Energy Bushings- 90
                    AMRs- ~1200 +/-
                    Rear Sway Bar- ~200
                    new LCs- 140
                    Rear Sway Bar Endlinks- 150
                    Sx1 front bar- 40
                    New Strut bolts (no rust)-80 for all (damn stealership)
                    Alignment- 75-90 for a good one
                    so so far, $1990 without shipping, and unexpected costs. yeah, its climbing for sure!


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                      you sell any of them. because your market is saturn owners [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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                        lol so far .....

                        ST Struts - 220
                        Sprint Extremes - 180
                        Centerline wheels - 750
                        Cheap tires - 400
                        Hub spacers - 40
                        Hubcentric rings - 25
                        New mounts - 150
                        Progress rear sway - 125
                        Energy susp. Bushings - 125
                        AMR Coilovers - 1360
                        SPS Strut bar - 150

                        lol 3500 +(and that doesn't include the first set of tires -> 450, and I'm about to spend another 500-550 on tires and spacers. Guess thats what happens when you do shit twice though huh?


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                          I took the liberty to edit this a little for you.

                          Energy Bushings- 90
                          AMRs- 1300 +/-
                          Rear Sway Bar- ~150(If you can find one)
                          new LCs- ~100(ebay is your friend)
                          Rear Sway Bar End]

                          so thats about $100 cheaper. And also be warned, you're AMR pricing is a little off. The price i put down is for the group buy pricing. I'm willing to bet you are going to have to tack on another 250-300 once they go to retail price. And if you want the pillowball mounts, add another 150 on top of that. lol, Not cheap


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                            well, thats why i said plus or minus. i am in the south, and i know i can get them from a junkyard or my parts car, but since i am doing this, i would rather have piece of mind, and know that if nothing else, my bolts are new. lmao. damn dude, i dunno why you are spending so much on tires! i got four falken ziex 512s mounted for 350!

                            yeah, i am using hiem joints on the rear endlinks.


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                              yea but what size? I run decent size 17's. 17" tires cost $


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