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need wheel size advice

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  • need wheel size advice

    I know it's been posted before, but I couldn't find the thread.
    Staying with 17", what is the widest wheel that will fit the Redline, and what size tire could I fit with it.
    I was thinking of putting the aura wheels on, but they're 17x7, correct? I'm hoping for 8" width, or at least 7.5
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    17x8's are really hard to come by. 17x7.5 are a little more common but most frequently you'll find the 17x7. I think the big thing for Redlines is just finding a wheel thats 5x110.

    and the stock tire size is 215/45R17. The widest tire you can fit will really depend on what wheel you go with. If you can find an 8" wheel, then you should be able to sqeeze on some 235/40R17's. Most likely you're best choice will be 225/45R17's or 225/35R17's (225/40R17's would be balla, but I think there is like one version of those, Nitto specifically.)


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